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Isathub Wifi Hotspot


Wifi Hotspot for your Smart Devices  

Inmarsat the world's most reliable satellite network brings you the Isathub WiFi hotspot

Satellite Phone Sales in conjunction with Inmarsat are proud to bring you the all new Isathub Hotspot.

The Isathub is the newest offering the global leaders in satellite equipment and hardware from Inmarsat the world leader in satellite voice and data communication

This brand new service from Inmarsat will enable your smart phone being Apple, Android and most tablet devices to work seamlessly, anywhere in the world, completely independantly of the standard mobile or fixed land based telephone networks.

The IsatHub, will launch in Australia in July 2014, and will allow you to talk via voice through your smartphone device, text, and access the Internet on all options of smart devices listed below, anywhere inside – or outside – the coverage of cellular or terrestrial comms, all under one global tariff.

Smart devices are now what most of us have and use for work, pleasure, and keeping in touch with friends and family. Empowering you to stay in touch wherever you go, this new service represents a significant change in the way you can personal keep in touch worldwide.

IsatHub – smart device connectivity. Take your world with you wherever you go...

* Coverage is over the global Inmarsat-4 satellite network, which excludes extreme polar regions

Retail: $2073.75 + GST 

Our Price Only:



Main features: smartphone and tablet hotspot for voice and internet coverage via your smartphone and tablet device. Easy to share with wifi and user ID management on all smartphone apps.

Easy to use: Quick and Easy to set up in minutes with pointing up port within your smartphone application or using the LED guides. Compact and portable. Place wherever you want with IP65 rating and 30 metre Wi-Fi range.

Reliable network connectivity: Coverage is over the global Inmarsat-4 satellite network

Manage your costs: Avoid bio shock and stay on top of your data costs with the data dashboard application. Manage access by data type, usage type or per user.

Whats Included in the Box

  • Terminal and Standard battery

  • Quick start guide in 8 languages

  • Power supply and cables


  • Pointing assistance

  • Signal strength indicator

  • Network registration

  • Data management(ability to switch off data)

  • Firewall management

  • User help

  • Battery /AC status indicator

  • OS systems: iOS 6 & 7 (iPhone 4 or newer and iPad 3 or newer); Android 4.1 onwards

  • UT Temperature indicator

  • MAC address management

  • UT Support

  • Personal alert button 


  • Bgan- Specific error handling

  • Auto Sip registration (with SIP proxy in UT): 

  • VoIP and text over background IP

  • work with contracts on Smartphone

  • Call duration

What's in the Box

 Accessories available (Contact Customer services for availability & Charges)

  • Spare Battery
  • Waterproof Pelican case



169mm(L) x 52mm(W) x 36mm(D) Weight: 318g (11.02oz) Including Battery Display:


Isathub Coverage Map 
Isathub Brochure