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Satellite Phones Sales is Australia's largest and oldest online satellite phone store serving the Australian public and businesses. 

Launched in 2004 as part of its sister company Rent A Sat Phone which dealt only with the rental of satellite phones and data equipment, Satellite Phone Sales launched its own site to assist in the purchase of a satellite phone. 

With three main phones available in the market in Australia today we felt it important to assist people one on one depending on what their circumstances were and what they where doing with it. 

The realty is that not one phone fits all as some might be simply going on a short trip and just need a phone for emergencies, whilst others will need a real work horse as they could be going remote  for a lengthy period of time. 

Combine that with the requirement for pre paid options versus long contract options it is important to get the right advice for your individual trip. Satellite Phone Sales prides itself on local knowledge and expert advice. 

When you need to talk to an expert why go anywhere else. 

At Satellite Phones Sales we understand you want to ask questions and make sure you get the right advice. So call us today on 1300 197 600 


1300 197 600

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